Marco Polo Video Walkie Talkie App Reviews

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Love the app but it's killing my phone. I have an Iphone 5c. Yes, I know time to upgrade but every time I now open the app my battery drops to zero and it kills my phone. Why does it pull on the battery life so hard? Please fix!!!!

All of my android friends having fun with voice change and I'm over here with my iPhone 6 wondering why the heck i don't have this option? Will I ever have or should I just delete?

The whole reason I wanted to use this app was for the voice changer and I can't get that on my iPhone 7. Without this I could care less for this's just another messaging app now.

Why doesn't the iPhone 7 get a voice changer?!?

No stars bc no voice changer. Main reason for download. Shit blows. Deleting and so are all my iPhone users fix it and get good reviews smh

This app is getting one star because the voice changer is no longer available in the app on iPhone 7. Totally frustrating and makes me not want to use app. Please fix this!

Where in the blue heck did the voice changer go? Bring it th heck back and I'll write a better review!

I loved this app until my voice changer disappeared. Please update and bring it back.

You have to have sent 50 polos and have had it for 30 days to get your filters back. I messaged them on FB and this is what I was told. I now have them back after having them for a few days in the beginning.

Your app competitive advantage was the funny voice without them you will lose your market share. You better let your audience know what is going on otherwise your app will become "one time wonders" pretty soon. Marketing Communications Executive

Voice change app disappears- why? May 16,2017

What the hell happed to my voice changer .. this pisses me off they need to fix this shit I have been using this app for a while and now it f-ing gone what gives!!!! Fix this crap no one on here is happy about this that all Ive been seeing but it looks like nobody has done shit about it come on now quit being like that I don't want to delete this app but it is almost pointless that's what I loved the most about it

My family members have android and they have the unicorn voice changes but I have Apple and I can't , why?? I'am about to stop using this app

Is the unicorn coming back?????

If I don't get the unicorn it back I won't use the app and I will tell all my friends not to download it

Boo! You took the voice changer away?!?!? What gives? Clearly it's the best part about this situation. Pointless now

I contacted support and they said an error allowed all new accounts to see the unicorn voice change feature. They fixed the error which caused the unicorn to disappear for new users. It will unlock after 30 days and send 50 polos.

Where is the voice changer?! It's the only reason I downloaded this app. What's the point now?

What the fuck happened to the voice filter? No use for this app now ...

It was my fav app for a week. Then the unicorn went away. Where did the voice changer go?! I want it back. That's why I had this app. That's why I told all my friends and family about it. Now it's pointless.


Where did the voice changer go? RUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Where is my unicorn??? This app is done without it

Would have been five star, but they took voice changer away, wtf! I loved this app and told all my friends about it, but no need for it without the voice changers.

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